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VitaLink Heat

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VitaLink Heat is a bio-stimulant that was developed to help plants not only cope, but also thrive in cold conditions when temperatures drop below 5 Celsius by encouraging growth hormone production.

VitaLink Heat has also been known to work in not only cold, but also frosty conditions, and the principle is similar to how anti-freeze stops your car from freezing, but for plants instead of an engine! VitaLink Heat as well as helping your plants to cope with the cold, it also allows them to continue to develop, flower as normal and maximize yields in less than ideal conditions.

VitaLink Heat can be used as a root drench and foliar feed and has the following key advantages:

  • Bio-stimulant to help protect plants against cold stress
  • Allows plants to thrive in low temperatures
  • Helps maximize yields in less than ideal conditions
  • Can be used as a root drench or foliar feed

Directions of use:

Root drench:
0.3-0.5ml per litre of water

Foliar feed:
5ml per litre and do not spray until run off

You can also download the VitaLink Feed Charts and watch an informative video below.

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Product Name Price Quantity
VitaLink Heat - 250ml
VitaLink Heat - 1L

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