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VitaLink Fulvic is a pure fulvic acid product that can be used in all types of grow systems and should added to your plants feeding schedule throughout the vegetative growth and right through until the penultimate week of flowering.

But what exactly does fulvic acid do? It’s an essential additive to help improve how nutrients are absorbed and transported throughout the plant, meaning that with greater levels of fulvic acid the roots, growth and flowering are vastly improved, giving not only healthy plants but also maximising yields, both in terms of quality and volume.

VitaLink Fulvic can be used as a root drench or foliar feed.


  • A pure fulvic acid derived product
  • Improves absorption & transportation of nutrients
  • For use right through the plants life cycle until flush
  • Can be used in all grow systems whether hydroponic, coco or soil


  • 2ml per litre from week 1 of vegetative growth until the penultimate week of flower.

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