Sunmaster Metal Halide Grow Lamps

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Sunmaster Metal Halide - 250w
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The Sunmaster Metal Halide grow lamps are a staple for old school growers who prefer to use a dedicated blue lamp for vegetative growth rather than a dual spectrum.

Producing a predominantly blue spectrum, Sunmaster Metal Halide’s will keep internodes closer together, allowing plants to stay squat, but also encouraging stalks and stems to become robust during the 18/6 light schedule. This gives plants a strong framework before they begin the crucial flowering phase.

Once lights are switched to 12/12, a dedicated red spectrum grow lamp should be used as the main lighting source, but the Sunmaster Metal Halide can still be used as a supplementary light, helping encourage greater fruiting and flowering, along with increased essential oil production.


250w, 400w, 600w & 1000w variations, they also come with an E40 that is a standard fitting for most grow room reflectors and cool tubes.

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