Spray & Grow Spider Mite Protection Spray - 500ml

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Spray & Grow Spider Mite Protection Spray - 500ml

The Spray & Grow Spider Mite Protection Spray is a natural way to get rid of spider mites and infestations. The organic composition of this spray means the formula is safe to use throughout any stage of plant growth, and can be used alongside natural spider mite enemies such as bees and predatory mites.

The Spider Mite Protection formula has been created from several plant extracts and salts, giving effective protection against all life stages of the spider mite. When using as a foliar nutrient, the spray ensures that plants are getting the protection quickly, as well as an additional boost to help them recover.

Spider mites will mainly gather on the underside of your plant’s leaves, which is where you’ll see the first damage. When using the Spider Mite Protection Spray ensure you are spraying on both sides of the leaf to eradicate any pests.

N-P-K: 0.5-0.5-1

Directions of use:

Use 50ml of concentrate per 1 litre of water. Do not dilute with anything other than water. Use as a foliar spray and make sure both sides of each leaf is sprayed well.

Do not spray in direct sunlight, instead spray at least half an hour before lights on, or do it just as lights go off for the night.

Shake well before use.

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