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Spectron LED Boosters

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The Spectron Light Science LED Boosters are the perfect choice for supplementing your grow room lighting. The compact LEDs have been designed specifically to complement any existing lighting systems, and will help to take your grow to the next level.

Coming in three different variations, you can choose the one that suits your room best:

BLUVEGETATOR adds in blue and green light, helping plants to grow bushier and more compact, avoiding stretching.

FRPENETRATOR gives far red spectrum light, helping to increase flavonoids and oil production. Growth and flowering is increased.

SMARTBOOSTER gives you a combination of the two, allowing you to switch lighting boosters depending on what stage of growth you are at.

Adding supplementary lighting helps to increase light uniformity and spectrum across your grow, helping in areas where you may have limited light penetration or just need that little extra boost. Increased light intensity helps with photosynthesis, and will improve your plants nutrient uptake.

Spectron LED Boosters are the perfect size to fit in around your existing lighting system to give your plants that extra lighting boost. Easily hang them up using rope ratchets and position them where more light is needed.

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