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Shogun Fertilisers Samurai Coco Multipack

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The Shogun Fertilisers Samurai Coco Multipack has absolutely everything you need to get a coco grow done from start to finish. The Shogun Fertilisers range has been developed by leading bio-chemists.

Samurai Coco A&B features SmartZen. This is a blend of sterols, lignans, tannin, lipids, and hydrocarbons. Mixed together, these hugely increasing photosynthesis and helping to lower heat stress. It also contains AquaZen, giving better water distribution throughout the coco fibres and ensuring that your roots are getting the optimum levels of nutrients and water.

Through veg, your plant will benefit from Katana Roots (giving rapid root growth), Silicon (for added plant strength) and Calmag (adding a rich source of calcium and magnesium).

During bloom, Sumo Active Boost, PK Warrior 9/18 and Dragon Force will help to give explosive and brilliant flower formation and yields. This pack should cover an entire grow, based on a typical 1.2m tent containing 3-4 plants.

Multipack contains:

1x Samurai Coco 1 Litre A and B, 1x 250ml Katana Roots, 1x 250ml Silicon, 1x 250ml CalMag, 1x 250ml PK Warrior 9/18, 1x 250ml Sumo Active Boost, 1x 250ml Dragon Force and a Shogun Coco Grow Chart.

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