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Shogun Fertilisers Katana Roots is no ordinary root booster, before it hit the market, Katana Roots has been through rigorous development and testing to ensure that it performs to the same high standard that other Shogun Fertilisers products are now renowned for.

Katana Roots by Shogun Fertilisers works by targeting the root zone to promote not only rapid growing, but also healthy and strong white roots. Healthy roots means that any available nutrients are easily absorbed and used by the plant, resulting in healthy flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Katana Roots can be used at the propagation stage by soaking rooting cubes (rockwool, root riots etc) in the solution. Once established, continue to use Katana Roots throughout the vegetative stage and up to the 3rd week of flowering, as when used as a nutrient additive, it will also help with the continued development of a healthy root system.


  • Root stimulator that promotes a healthy and strong root system
  • Can be used during propagation by soaking rooting cubes prior to use
  • Use during the vegetative stage and first 3 weeks of bloom for continued healthy root growth
  • Developed in the UK to the same high standard as other available Shogun products


Cuttings & Seedlings

5ml per litre & soak propagation plugs in the solution for 15mins or feed this solution into the propagation plugs once per week until the young plants are ready to be planted on.

Root Feed

0.2ml per litre throughout vegetative growth and the first 3 weeks of flower.

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