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Revolution EC Vector Fan - 150mm/6"
Revolution EC Vector Fan - 200mm/8"
Revolution EC Vector Fan - 250mm/10"
Revolution EC Vector Fan - 150mm/6" + Controller
Revolution EC Vector Fan - 200mm/8" + Controller
Revolution EC Vector Fan - 250mm/10" + Controller
G.A.S. Digital EC Fan Controller


The Revolution Vector fans are based on many years worth of research, development and engineering. Designed to be used with a G.A.S Digital EC Fan Controller, the Revolution Vector Fans feature an efficient motor and body to produce better airflow with less power consumption. EC combines AC and DC voltages, giving you the best of both technologies.

The integrated electronic motor protection will stop the motor from overheating and the one piece housing is air tight, lightweight and compact – stopping any chance of air leaks and loss of pressure. Plus, the included mounting clamp makes installation easy and lowers the amount of friction against the ducting, preventing any transfer of vibrations.

The Revolution EC Vector has easy speed controllability and even on the lower speeds this fan will be quiet with no humming or vibrations. You can create a series link of these fans using either a Y-Splitter Connector or a Balancer depending on the speeds you want your fans to run at.

Made in Germany, these fans are built using high grade components, are designed to last for years but for peace of mind, they also come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.


  • Low power consumption
  • 100% Speed Controllable
  • Has to be used with a G.A.S EC Fan Controller
  • Comes with 2 year manufacturers warranty

Air flow ratings are as follows:

  • Revolution EC Vector 150mm/6" - 610 m3/h
  • Revolution EC Vector 200mm/8" - 980 m3/h
  • Revolution EC Vector 250mm/10" - 1520 m3/h

Please note, the Revolution EC Vector Fan has been designed to work alongside the G.A.S Digital EC Fan Controller.

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