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Remo Nutrients Nature’s Candy is a unique blend of carbohydrates and amino acids that supports and promotes beneficial bacteria and fungi development.


  • This blend is beneficial for all stages of plant development and growth as it helps your root zone flourish which of course helps everything above the roots develop and grow.
  • The formula contains 12+ different L-amino acids, as well as several B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6), magnesium sulphate, glucose, molasses and two different iron chelates.
  • The multiple sugar varieties included help to feed beneficial bacteria and fungi in your root zone, which in turn break down nutrients and minerals in your growth media into smaller parts. This process, and the amino acids in the ingredients, help plant roots to absorb these nutrients and minerals more easily.

Nature’s Candy can be used in soil, coco and hydroponic systems.

You can download the feed chart for the Remo Nutrients below or visit their website to use the Remo nutrient calculator for a more personalised and in depth feed chart.

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