ProActive Nano Power Powder - 140g

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ProActive Nano Power Powder - 140g


Proactive Nano Power Powder is a soluble calcium and silica supplement and when applied as a foliar spray, can improve the overall performance of the plants growth by helping to maximise the CO2 levels within the leaves.

But that’s not all as the calcium content will help improve both the quality and quantity of fruit production, while the silica strengthens the plant and improves its resistance to potential environmental stresses that can occur in grow rooms.


Mix 4 spoons per litre and apply as a foliar spray.

Make sure the solution is thoroughly mixed before use by adding the Nano Power Powder to half of the required water (4 spoons to half a litre of water), mix thoroughly, add the remaining water, and continue to stir (or shake) until all the Nano Power Powder is dissolved.

Its recommended that the mixed solution is used straight away, if left to stand, it may start to separate, so before use agitate the solution to ensure all the Nano Power Powder is dissolved.

Apply the solution using a suitable spray bottle, make sure the tops and underside of the leaves and flowers have sufficient coverage.

DO NOT use Nano Power Powder in direct light or when the lights are on as this could burn leaves and flowers, use during the evening or just as lights are switched off.


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