Plug In Ozone Generator

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Plug In Ozone Generator
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The Plug In Ozone Generator works to remove bad odours instead of just masking them like regular fragranced plug in products. It will neutralise any odours, bacteria and mould spores that it comes into contact with.

It has an on/off switch and a built in timer, switching between on/off on a loop and producing 7mg of Ozone per hour. Requiring no cartridges, it is cost effective to use and also has a 1 year conditional manufacturer’s warranty.

This small ozone generator drastically reduces odours in average sized rooms, also assisting in avoiding mould and bacterial infections.

Benefits include:

  • No chemicals used
  • Low maintenance
  • Twin light LED indicating power
  • CE approved

It is recommended to use the plug in ozone generator on the opposite side of the room to the extraction systems. Ensure that the generator is not obstructed and that the ozone can flow into, out of and around the unit freely.

Although the ozone generator is effective at reducing odours, it is NOT a replacement for a filter/extraction fan set up.

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