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Phresh Intake Filter 4'' 100 x 150 mm 240m³/h
Phresh Intake Filter 6'' 150 x 300 mm 755m³/h
Phresh Intake Filter 250 x 400 mm
Phresh Intake Filter 315 x 500 mm


In order to keep your plants strong, healthy and growing to their full potential they need a pollutant free, hygenic environment.

The Phresh Intake Filters take care of this for you. After simple installation, you can sit back while they filter out 99.9% of pollutants including bugs, dust, mould, pollen and mites – they even remove low grade exhaust fumes.

Their unique patented design of carbon pleats ensures they have the largest surface area possible in order to deal with a high volume of air flow while filtering out those nasties efficiently. Why spray your plants with expensive and damaging pesticides when with the Phresh Intake Filters there's no need. These ultra-light filters utilise advanced nano carbon felt technology which maintains 90% of air flow (up to twice that of HEPA filters).

Use these filters for intake filtering, air scrubbing and low intensity exhaust filtering. Phresh Filter's patented pleating design allows for massive surface area for optimum filter efficiency and high airflow. Phresh Intake Filters are 100% recyclable and are made from 90% recycled materials.


  • Removes 99.9% of bugs, molds, pollen and dust
  • Use for intake filtering, scrubbing and low intensity exhaust filtering
  • Ultra light filters use advanced nano carbon felt technology
  • Patented pleating for massive surface area and high air flow
  • Maintains 90% of air flow
  • 100% Recyclable / Made from 90% recycled materials
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