If you’ve never tried any of the Ecothrive products then you might just want to take a closer look. Both professional growers and hobby gardeners are using Ecothrive and getting brilliant results. You only need to look at all the photos on their Instagram to see happy growers getting results!

Here's Why We Think You Should Try Ecothrive

Ecothrive products help to build up a variety of microorganisms within the root zone. They offer natural and organic products designed to promote beneficial soil biology, which in turn improves plant health and helps to increase yields.

You can find all Ecothrive products online at Holland Hydroponics, or in any of our four stores – Manchester, Burnley, Huddersfield and Flint. But what does each product do?

Ecothrive Charge

Charge is a soil and coco enhancer, jam-packed full of beneficial microorganisms to promote a healthy biological presence in the growth media. Nutrient availability will improve, and so will a plant’s root growth.

The magical ingredient within Charge is the insect frass, made entirely from beetle droppings. This organic waste not only helps with nutrient availability, increased plant growth and healthy yields, but also helps to naturally elevate the plants resistance to pests and disease.

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Ecothrive Biosys

Biosys is a complete microbial solution, containing beneficial bacteria, fungi, enzymes and plant growth stimulants. Easily sustain a healthy root zone throughout the entire plant cycle. You’ll find increased root function, better nutrient and water availability, improved plant growth and better disease prevention. Organisms used include: Endo mycorrhizal fungi, Bacillus, Nitrogen fixing bacteria, Pseudomonas and Trichoderma. </>

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Ecothrive Coco, Coco Lite & Coco Clay Mixtures

There are three different coco coir mixtures to choose from, but all come pre-blended with Charge to give your plants that easy biological boost. This means you can choose the one that fits your system best and still get the same results from the added Charge.

The Ecothrive Coco used is RHP certified, and thanks to the Ecothrive Charge it is fully balanced and an organic source of primary nutrients and beneficial bacteria for your plants. The perfect base for growing!

Coco Lite Mix gives a perfect ratio of 70% coco to 30% perlite. This mixture gives optimal aeration and better drainage, making it easier to work with and giving improved and more vigorous growth.

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Coco Clay Mix has 40% coco coir and 60% clay pebbles to allow for fast drainage and better aeration, giving better roots and increased growth rates. Perfect for flood and drain, AutoPot and drip irrigation systems!

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Ecothrive put a big focus on creating a great biological base, and that is important to all plant growth. If you want healthy plants, you need healthy roots that have the ability to take up all vital nutrients that are available to them. Why not try Ecothrive and see what difference it makes to your crops?

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