Mammoth P Increase Yields

You might have heard about this product making waves across the US - it’s proving to be quite popular, and we’ve already been asked for it in store. Well, you’re in luck! Mammoth P has landed in the UK and we have it in stock at Holland Hydroponics!

Mammoth P has been designed by Growcentia, a team of three PhD soil microbiologists who know what they’re talking about. It’s the first organically derived microbial inoculant, and you can expect on average a 16% increase in plant yield when using it within your system!

Mammoth P Nutrient Bottles

Beneficial bacteria work to continually produce enzymes that release nutrients, meaning any locked out phosphorous gets broken down and made readily available to your plants. This increase in available phosphorous helps then gives you that focused energy on better flower production.

Use throughout the bloom phase and the resulting increased phosphorous available to your plants will give better flowers and bigger yields. You can also use during the clone and vegetative phase to give an extra boost. This formula can be used within soil, coco or hydroponic systems, and alongside any other fertilisers. It’s accredited OMRI for organic use, and won’t block up your systems!

Mammoth P Nutrient Feed Chart

Sound like something you need in your feeding regime? Well we’ve got it both in-store and online, so there's no need to wait. You can pop in to any Holland Hydroponics store - Manchester, Burnley, Huddersfield or Flint - and our teams will answer any questions! Or if you want to do a little more research online there's a handy FAQ on the Mammoth Microbes website for you to have a look at.

It may be a new product on the market, but Mammoth P has received highly rated reviews so far, and we're excited to have it in our stores for you to try out! We would love to see how your plants are getting on after using Mammoth P.

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