VL Turbo+ Q & A: 

What a 12 months it’s been here at Hollands. Between the pandemic, stock shortages, price increases and courier issues we have stayed strong so that our customers can carry on about their business as pain-free as possible. We have also made the most of our free time and I recently caught up with the man himself Danny Bower. For those that don’t know, Danny has been in the industry for a long time now and progressed his way through Hydrogarden wholesale, A company that deliver us quality brands such as Ram, Canna, Lumii and Mountain Air to name a few. This time around I focused on the launch of Hydrogarden’s brand new product VITALINK TURBO +. 

With the already established Vitalink turbo on the market, I was curious to find out the reason they have decided to bring a plus version out, so I instantly got on the phone to Danny to ask him a few questions on this matter and break some key information down for you guys at home.

(For reference we did this via telephone/email due to covid 19 restrictions)

Sam: So let’s start Danny, can you give me a bit of a breakdown of what Turbo+ is?

Danny:  Yes Turbo+ is our new flowering booster. It is full of natural extracts that promote growth and increase your yield whilst supporting your plant’s overall health and stress resistance. It allows your plant to use water and nutrients more effectively by cleverly boosting its metabolism. Turbo+ can be used with any media and growing system. We like to think of it as an ‘All-in-one’ booster!

Sam: For curious people do you use VL Turbo+ rather than VL Turbo?

Danny: Turbo+ will allow your plant to cope better with natural environmental fluctuations such as pests, diseases or forgetting to be watered. Its ingredients have been carefully combined to provide your plant with many factors that can assist it in its performance, such as chelating agents to improve trace element uptake, sources of natural carbon, L-amino acids and B vitamins. This said VL Turbo is still a fantastic product!

Sam: Will Hydrogarden continue to offer VL Turbo then?

Danny: Yes we are continuing to sell VL Turbo – it has built itself a loyal fan base over the past few years, so we want to ensure that we can continue to satisfy demand!

Sam: For all of our customers who like to get the most out of their money, Is Turbo+ good value in terms of concentration value? What are the dilution rates ml per L?

Danny: The dose rate is 1-2 ml/L depending on your growing method and the sizes of your plants. With this low dose rate and the fact that you only use it 2 weeks before and during flowering, it works out as great value.

Sam: So I know Turbo+ has some cross over components present inside it that you already sell in the Vitalink range so when using Turbo+ should I continue to use Fulvic, Chill or Heat?

Danny: Turbo+ is specially designed so that it has minimum effect on the overall NPK and thus can be used alongside your main nutrient without adjusting your usual dose rate. You can continue to use VL Fulvic alongside it which will further help with the overall uptake of nutrients. VL Chill and VL Heat are very effective products and can be used alongside VL Turbo, supporting your plant during times of extreme temperatures. However, as there is some crossover of actives in these products, if applying at the same time the lowest dose within the range should be applied for either product or even half dose. Another option would be to use them at alternate watering periods. 

Sam: Of course the feeding programme will give us this information but with you mentioning to maybe dial down the dosage when using alongside Chill & Heat, what about the other products in the range can you use Turbo+ alongside Buddy, PK without risk of overdose on any minerals?

Danny: Yes, Turbo+ will not cause any problems when used alongside PK or Buddy they will work together to help achieve the best yields!

Sam: You stated that turbo+ is great for stress resistance, what makes Turbo+ better than other stress relievers/ uptake products?

Danny: First off, all the elements within Turbo+ come from natural sources, there are no artificial or synthesised actives in it. Also, there are multiple elements to every facet of the activity of the product – two different natural chelating agents for example – working in harmony to give the best result.

Sam: I have heard that turbo+ works better with the Hydro max base nutrients rather than Earth and Coco Max, why is this?

Danny: It works well with all of our nutrients. We have seen great results using Turbo+ for all types of growing systems. We do advise a lower dose in Hydro systems, but this is down to the fact that it is a recirculating system so the levels the plants receive will be regularly topped up.

Sam: One question we get asked lots in the shop…Will it speed up flower production and bloom development?

Danny: Turbo+ contains B vitamins, L amino acids and two natural chelating agents which allow the plant to make better use of the nutrients you provide, helping your plant to achieve its full potential, resulting in increased numbers and size of your flowers.

Sam: Flavour of the month question….Will it increase my Terpene production?

Danny: Yes, using Turbo+ you allow your plants to maximise the uptake of nutrients, encouraging them to produce more sugars and increase terpenes.

Sam: Leading on from my last question then, Will it alter the flavour or the aroma of my plants?

Danny: Turbo+ will not have any negative effect on flavour or aroma, it will enhance both of these in your plants.

Sam: Here at Hollands we like to be fully open with our customers in terms of what they are using so in regards to this does Turbo+ contain any synthetic carcinogenic PGR s?

Danny: No none at all. Only naturally derived ingredients go into Turbo+

Sam: Finally and the most important question normally asked by customers, what results will I be expected to see?

Danny: You will see a huge increase in your plant size and yield alongside enhancing the flavour and aroma of your crop. Turbo+ will allow your plants to maximise the uptake of nutrients, encouraging them to produce more sugars and increase terpenes. Yield, Flavour, Results! Give it a try!

Just to summarise Vitalink turbo + sounds like another great product to look out for from you guys at Hydrogarden/Vitalink and one that our Holland Horticulture stores are already stocking and present on our online shopping platforms, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Danny for giving me the time to ask him some questions that our clientele will 100% be asking us. Big thank you to Hydrogarden themselves for continued support in providing us with these great products and look forward to seeing what else you guys bring this year!!!

Sam Thompson 

Holland Horticulture 


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