As you near towards the end of your grow cycle, there are a few important practices that you should think about implementing. Luckily for you, we have outlined the top 6 tips to ensure the end of your grow cycle is a success.


  1. Apply Advanced Nutrients: Overdrive to your grow

Usually during the last two weeks of a grow, floral development will begin to slow as the plants enter their late bloom phase. One way to get more out of your plants in the late bloom phase is by using Advanced Nutrients: Overdrive. Overdrive acts as a booster that pushes your

plants to their limit as they approach harvest, giving you not only healthy plants but also amazing yields that you will be proud of.

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  1. Use Curved Pruners for a neater trim on plants.

Pruning is an important practice to help your plants reach their fullest potential and to accurately remove your harvest. When you are near the end of your grow cycle, you will want to remove your harvest and place it onto a drying rack. Curved Pruners allow for an unprecedented level of accuracy meaning that you can trim neatly with increased precision. As well as being precise, they are also ergonomically designed to reduce stress to your hand when in use.

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  1. Arrange your Drying Rack according to the size of the plants.

Drying racks are a necessity when it comes to storing your recently harvested fruits or flowers. When using a drying rack, you are allowing air to easily circulate which leads to quicker, consistent and even drying. Since heat rises, it is crucial to arrange your harvest in order of size on the rack. Your biggest plants/fruits should be placed on the top of the rack as it will take longer for them to dry, whereas the smaller plants/fruits should be placed towards the bottom as the dry quicker.

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  1. Utilise Tube Heaters

In addition to the drying rack, tube heaters can also be utilised to provide additional heat to help your harvest dry and cure evenly, throughout the cold periods. Tube heaters are an affordable and easy way to increase and maintain the temperature of your grow room in the winter and ensure that your plants/fruits dry as efficiently as possible. However, be sure not to dry out your harvest too quickly as this can have negative impacts on the quality of the plant/fruit.

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  1. Use Guard N Aid: Healthy Leaf & Bud

If you are concerned about the health of your leaves, buds, and flowers then you should look at using ‘Guard N Aid: Healthy Leaf & Bud’. As it's applied as a foliar spray, it is immediately absorbed to promote healthy leaf growth. During a grow, it’s common for plants to become stressed, from extreme temperatures or light leaks. Healthy Leaf & Bud will help your plants bounce back to life and overcome any stresses that they have reacted to.

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  1. New Tent for your Next Grow Cycle

As your grow comes to an end, you may realise that some of your equipment has started to wear out and could do with an upgrade. Tents are likely to tear over time and if you have owned one for a few years then maybe it’s time to purchase a new one for your next grow. Or, it may be that your previous grow went so well that you now need more space to grow. Therefore, it would make sense to invest in a larger tent – our 2.4m x 1.2m is the perfect upgrade.

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