The Importance Of PK Boosters For Bigger & Better Yields

Will your method get you those much-wanted better yields, or are you missing something in the routine? Could your plants maybe use a little extra help from a PK Booster? When growing it is important to think of the end result and that starts from choosing the right nutrients.

Using A PK Booster For Better Yields

When ensuring your plants are getting everything they need, there are three main nutrients and various micronutrients to contend with. Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) (known as NPK) are the macronutrients and are absolutely essential to growing healthy plants. During vegetative growth, nitrogen is the most important, but when looking at the bloom cycle, phosphorus and potassium are what plants need the most allowing them to maximise fruiting and flowering.

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Why Use A PK Booster?

In a natural setting plants will take up each nutrient to a level specific to their growth needs. These levels of nutrients determine what stage of growth the plant is at. This means phosphorus and potassium will build up to a given level, and when that threshold is reached, the plant moves into its next stage of life and is ready to start flowering!

If you choose to feed your plant with a PK Supplement, this process is chemically induced so the plant hits the fruiting stage earlier than it would naturally happen. Phosphorus especially will help to speed up plant maturity. Through these extra nutrients, further energy is directed to the ends of the stems to encourage growth and thanks to the earlier start, flowers and fruits also have a longer time to develop, allowing them to reach their potential.

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A Closer Look At Phosphorus And Potassium

Phosphorus (P) is the energy element. It's necessary for the process of photosynthesis, and will aid energy transfer within plant cells as well as strengthen cell formation and promote healthy roots. Without sufficient levels of phosphorus, energy levels will not be met and any new growth will be stunted. Your plant needs phosphorus throughout its entire life cycle in order to grow properly.

Throughout the transition from grow to bloom the plant uses a whole lot of energy to begin flower production, and other aspects of growth may suffer slightly from this. Adding more phosphorus will give that extra energy boost, improving the overall quality of plants as well as increasing flower size, weight and potency.

Potassium (K) is the regulator nutrient. It behaves differently to nitrogen and phosphorus and instead of becoming part of the plant’s organic matter, potassium enters plants cells and helps with numerous chemical and physical processes.

One of the most important role it has is the activation of plant enzymes, helping to speed up the rate of chemical reactions within a plant. Optimal levels of potassium will ensure a higher level of enzyme activity and give strong growth. Other roles include regulating the breathing, allowing oxygen and water vapour to exit the plant, and carbon dioxide to enter, and helping the rate of photosynthesis.

Potassium simply helps your plant to grow faster, use water better, fight off diseases, resist pests and produce more crops. It helps your plant to reach its full potential, giving those better yields and better tasting fruits at harvest.

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Put these together and…

...your plants will have enough of each vital nutrient to get the boost they need for above and beyond optimal results, giving them that extra kick to produce the fantastic flowers and fruits that everyone wants to see in their grow room! If you choose not to use at PK Supplement, plants won't develop as strong and yields will suffer as they struggle to reach their potential.

Depending on your method of growing, whether soil or soilless, organic or synthetic, there are numerous PK Supplements and Boosters available, all designed with the same goal in mind - to give your plants a boost during flowering and give you better yields! Below are just some of the supplements we currently recommend, but if you’re unsure which is right for your feeding regime, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 038 7100 for expert advice.