What Is A Cutting?


Plant cutting, aka cloning, is a form of plant propagation where a section of a mother plant is taken and placed in a new environment in order to regrow into a new independent plant. Certain factors may affect the quality of the cutting when regrown such as environmental conditions, the hydration levels and the concentration of growth hormones in the cutting. When taking a cutting, it is crucial that the plant is in a vegetative state, has been watered and is at least 2 months old.

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What Are The Benefits Of Taking Cutting's?


Whether you want to save money or want an efficient way to produce more plants; propagating your cuttings has a long list of benefits. Plant cells have the unique ability to duplicate every part of the plant which means that, if you create the right conditions, you can grow an entirely new plant efficiently and cost free. The new plant will have the same properties as the mother plant ensuring you are growing the best possible crop. a

How Do I Take A Plant Cutting?


When taking a cutting, you need to ensure that the plant is in a vegetative state and at least 2 months old. Before you do anything, you need to make sure that the plant has been watered prior to taking the cutting. Cuttings generally root better when taken from the top of the plant where there will be a greater concentration of growth hormones. Aim to choose a stem that is 3-5 inches long, between an eighth of an inch wide, with three or four sets of leaves. Due to cutting survival rate, we recommend taking more cuttings than you actually need but, don't remove any more than half.

Now here are four steps to help simplify the process!

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Make The Cut

Take a scalpel and ensure that it is sterilised. This can be done with rubbing alcohol, by immersing it in boiling water or by using a lighter flame. Cut the desired stem off the mother plant at a 45- degree angle, between leaf joints.

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Trim Your Cutting


Trim off the bottom set of leaves, leaving the nodes exposed, which are packed with potential rooting cells. Trim off any sun/fan leaves and cut any other large leaves in half to reduce transpiration. As a precaution, do not smoke when taking cuttings as this can easily infect them with a number of plant diseases that may be present in tobacco.

Apply Rooting Hormone


Pour some rooting gel or powder into a small container and dip at the end of the cutting, including the bottom two exposed leaf nodes. Make sure not to dip the cutting into the rooting hormone container and instead, place it into a separate container. This keeps the unused rooting hormone from becoming contaminated.

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Plant Your Cutting


Insert your cutting into a rooting medium and gently pack it around the stem to hold it upright. Small Rockwool cubes or rooting sponges are ideal to encourage fast rooting. Cubes can be pre-soaked with a gentle nutrient solution (or a root stimulator) and shaken to remove excess liquid. Squeezing them is not advised as it can spoil their structure and expel oxygen.

The medium should be evenly moist, but not soggy. Once the cuttings have been taken, it is crucial to propagate correctly, meaning creating an environment where the humidity level is between 70 and 80%. The temperature on the other hand should be around 20 to 25 degrees under a soft fluorescent or LED strip light for 18 hours per day. Make sure to keep the propagator vents closed, briefly opening them every so often.

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What Do I Need To Take Cuttings?


Okay so now you know how to take plant cuttings, but you're probably wondering which equipment you need. The Clone Riot Kit with Root Riot is your go-to kit for all your propagation needs. The kit includes one durable propagator, twenty-four root riot seed/cutting blocks, one scalpel, one 50ml of Clonex and one 100ml Formulex. Alternatively, you can use Plant Start Vita Link and Canna Start instead of Formulex. Finally, when it comes to lighting, we have you covered with products ranging from soft fluorescent or LED strip lights in our propagation section.

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