And just like that, Holland's HydroFest has been and gone. The day promised to bring you all your favourite suppliers and brands together in one place, and oh what a day it was.

The day started early as all suppliers and brands turned up, finding their spots and unloading the cars. We had fantastic stands set-up all throughout the marquee and with some outside too - including the special Highlight Horticulture F1 Simulator and live graffiti art from Mills Nutrients. Thankfully the rain held off for most of the day!

Each stand was offering advice, samples or competitions. The perfect time to gain new knowledge, or trying something different in your grow room. Various people walked away with bags full to the brim of products to try out. Our spin the wheel proved popular with prizes ranging from goodie bags, nutrients, filters, lights and full hydro systems. We've raised an amazing £905 so far for the Skullfades Foundation thanks to everyone taking part in this and the Canna Bike/Beanbag auctions.

As well as all the great products being shown, we had delicious food served by Oh My Glaze, with free drinks and beer thanks to the Holland's Beer Shack. Both proving very popular with the crowd!

Thanks For Making Holland's HydroFest Great! | Suppliers

There really was something for everyone at Holland's HydroFest and we'd like to thank all brands, suppliers and customers for joining us and helping to make the day a success. We enjoyed talking to and meeting everyone that came!

If you came to the HydroFest day, we'd love to hear what your favourite part was! Send us a tweet or message us on Facebook or Instagram. And don't forget to tag us in your photos - we'd love to see the day from your point of view too.

If you missed out on what was on offer this year, don't worry. We're sure to be back with another Holland's HydroFest!

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