Spectrum King LED Grow Lamp

The Spectrum King LED Lighting System is finally here at Holland Hydroponics!

But how does the Spectrum King differ from other LED grow lamps? Rather than emitting a red & blue light spectrum, which looks a pinkish colour, the Spectrum King instead emits a full spectrum of light, including those that can’t be seen by the human eye, resulting in an intense ‘white’ light that your plants will not only love, as it mimics natural sunlight, it’ll also help push yields beyond the usual expectation.

At Holland Hydroponics, we currently stock the 400+ unit, rated at just 440w its the equivalent of running a single 1000w HPS, which is more than twice the size but with a fraction of the running costs. The Spectrum King also has no moving parts, meaning no cooling fans can fail allowing LED clusters to burn out and with it being a sealed unit with an IP65 rating, the lamp can be cleaned with a garden hose to keep it clean and dust free in-between grows.

The Spectrum King full spectrum LED grow light can be purchased both in-store or online, and if you would like a full demonstration of this new generation of LED grow lamp, pop into our Manchester store where we currently have one on display which our experienced staff will be happy to talk you through.