Shogun Fertiliser - Samurai Terra Grow / Bloom & Katana Roots

Finally, the ever popular Shogun Fertilisers have released the much anticipated Grow & Bloom base nutrients specifically developed for all soil mediums.

Shogun Fertilisers Samurai Terra Grow & Bloom was developed in the UK using UK water and with all their base nutrients, Samurai Terra features their esteemed SmartZen Maximiser technology, a special formula that’s already used, and proven to help increase yields, in their Hydro & Coco range.

And that’s not all, as joining the party is Shogun Fertilisers Katana Roots, a product that’s been in rigorous development for a while and is now available to the masses.

Katana Roots targets the root zone to promote not only rapid growing, but also healthy and strong white roots, as healthy roots means that any available nutrients are easily absorbed which results in healthy plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Samurai Terra Grow & Bloom and Katana Roots are available now both in-store and online.