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With all the current findings and new information on how plastics are damaging the environment, now seems like the perfect time to make the switch over to using root pouches. They're becoming more and more popular as a method for growing, but what makes them so different to plastic pots?

What Are Root Pouches Made From?

Root Pouches are degradable fabric plant pots, made from 100% recycled materials. They are washable, durable and reusable (plus BPA free and UV resistant!) making them great for both your plants and the environment.

Root Pouch use both recycled plastic fibres and natural fibres (such as jute, bamboo and vegetable fibres) to make their pots. The natural fibres in the fabric help to retain moisture much more evenly around the pot. There are seven different density options to choose from, depending on the pot strength required and each will have its own degradation timescale so you can use depending on your needs!

All manufacture of the fabrics and containers is done by the company themselves, through partners based in Asia.

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Benefits Of Using Root Pouches Over Plastic Pots

Unlike traditional plastic pots, fabric pots allow water, air and nutrients to flow through its structure freely. This allows the plant roots to take up plenty of oxygen and allows them to breathe efficiently to nourish the plant.

Especially in the winter time, keeping your plants warm is important for keeping them healthy. The insulated fabric material of these pouches helps to keep out the winter cold. Imagine going outside and trying to keep yourself warm with a sheet of plastic – a fabric blanket would do a much better job wouldn't it? Root Pouches work on exactly the same concept. What’s more, in the (slightly) hotter weather during summer time, the breathable fabric allows your roots to stay cool!

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Root pouches also stop the plant roots from beginning to circle once they hit the wall of the pot. Root circling leads to large amounts of roots getting stuck against the pot wall - space opens up in the centre of the pot and your growing media in that area isn’t being put to use.

When using Root Pouches, the roots won’t stop at the walls, and instead new fibrous roots are sent out to keep growing. This keeps the roots constantly expanding, and as a result more oxygen and nutrients can be taken in.

Which Hydroponics Set-Up?

Root Pouches are just for soil or coco growers, they're also perfect for using with drip lines or hydroponic flood trays, providing optimum root aeration, higher yields and faster growth rates. It doesn’t matter if you’re just doing home grown herbs or vegetables as a hobbyist or whether you’re a large grow room serving many customers, switching to using Root Pouches should be seriously considered.

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Originally published on 26/1/17. Updated on 5/2/18.