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Plant Magic Plus aim to provide natural high quality products that will increase soil fertility, nutrition and microbial activity. They do this by using natural stimulants, beneficial bacteria, and ensuring that all crops receive the perfect amount of major/macro nutrients. Now Plant Magic Plus have created three new fantastic products to help you get the most out of your plants and we’re excited to announce their arrival at Holland Hydroponics!

Ignition – The Pre-Flowering Booster

- Includes a powerful blend of bio-stimulants for flower development
- Natural plant sugars and oils have increased production
- Flowers grow with more uniformity in both size and maturity

Enzyme – To Quickly Break Down Organic Matter

- Removes dead roots to prevent disease/infection
- Breaks down dead matter into food for plant
- Perfect for when reusing substrates for growing

Both of these new products are suitable for soil, hydro and coco. Please note however, they are not organic so we would not recommend using them if following a strict organic regime.

DWC – A&B Base Nutrient

- Specifically formulated for Deep Water Culture (DWC) systems
- One nutrient for both the Grow and Bloom phase
- Highly concentrated, pH stable formula

You can find all updated feed charts with these new products included here on the Plant Magic Plus website.

Need more information? Pop into any of our four stores – Manchester, Burnley, Hudderfield & Flint – and we'll answer any questions you may have! Alternatively you can call us for FREE on 0800 038 7100.

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