Shogun 600w Digital Ballast & Lighting Kit

If you’re looking to upgrade your old and tired ballast to a shiny new digital and dimmable model, then look no further than the Shogun 600w digital ballast during November and December.

Not only is it manufactured to a high standard, giving you peace of mind when running it for long periods of time, it also features dimming functionality allowing it to be run at 60%, 75%, 100% as well as having a ‘Super’ power setting, meaning it can be boosted beyond its 600w output.

But it doesn’t stop there, as the Shogun digital and dimmable ballast can also be purchased as a complete light kit, which includes a highly polished Euro Reflector and a BAY6 600w Dual Spectrum HPS grow lamp.

Grab yourself a bargain and save £13 off the ballast or £15 off the full light kit before the end of year and both are available in-store and online.