Holland Hydroponics 20th Birthday prizes

With our 20th Birthday Bash just over one week away, we’re taking a look at all the different prizes we have to offer on the day thanks to our generous suppliers.

Ikon International have donated a Kind LED K5 XL 1000 light, worth £1199.95. Utilising a 12 band light spectrum, this light is perfect for both vegetative growth and flowering. The new Mother Earth functionality mimics natural sunrise and sunset lighting, meaning your plants receive the peak intensity of light for the perfect about of time. What’s more, a remote control allows you to access the lighting and timing controls without having to reach over your plants.

From Nutriculture we have an IWS 6 Pot Pro worth £480, a complete kit that can be used with a variety of growing media and takes the hassle out of manual watering; Rhino Carbon Filter, made with Australian mined RC412 carbon, the perfect addition to keep an odourless room; and Green Power light contactor, a robust product used to control your lighting periods without burning out.

Renowned nutrient manufacturer Canna will also be donating 125ml bottles of their tried and tested Canna Boost Accelerator, this invaluable product helps with the uptake and absorption of available nutrients which is a must have supplement for bountiful fruit and flower production.

We also have a 4 Pot AutoPot System from AutoPot themselves. Worth £98.95, this system is extremely adaptable: it can be used for a range of plant types and is easily extendable. Fill a tank with water and liquid feed and this AutoPot system will take care of everything else.

HydroGarden have a Can Q-Max AC Fan to give away, with the option of choosing an 8”, 10” or 12”. A robust, metal cased fan, the Can Q-Max AC is lightweight and has an integrated speed controller that allows for 3 speed variations.

Also on the prize list is a 6” Goldstar Air-cooled Reflector, DNA Mills Starter Pack, Plant Vitality Coco Nutrient Bundle, Plantlife Bundle plus more still to be confirmed!

As you can see, we have a lot of incredible prizes to give away, and you can get that chance just by attending our 20th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday 14th May at Holland Hydroponics Manchester. Are you feeling lucky?