[caption id="attachment_3484" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Revolution DEva 1000w Grow Light Revolution DEva 1000w Grow Light on display in our Manchester store[/caption]

The Revolution DEva is a fully integrated plug ‘n’ play grow light, giving you a high quality, yet affordable, solution with none of the fuss.

The low-frequency square wave electronic ballast has been built into the reflector, with the reflector housing an Ushio double-ended 1000w HPS lamp. Everything is included and ready to use, so you can just plug it in and get growing. It really is as simple as that.

Of course, to get even more out of this light, why not team it up with the RLC-1 Digital Lighting Controller? The RLC-1 can simulate sunrise and sunset, gradually warming your plants up to give them an environment that more closely resembles the great outdoors. It can also sense temperature changes, and if levels get too high, the controller will dim your lamps to bring that back down, lessening the chance of environmental stress or damage.

[caption id="attachment_3487" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Revolution RLC1 Controller Revolution RLC1 Digital Light Controller for up to 512 lights![/caption]

You can also see exactly what is happening in your grow room thanks to the controller’s built in clock and 30-year rated battery back-up. It gives the ability to capture data on incoming power, lamp life, voltage changes and brown-outs/black-outs.

Output power can also be adjusted in 1% increments, from 600w to 1150w, so you can really customise it to your grow room and if you have a large set-up, no need to worry. The RLC-1 will connect with up to 512 DEva 1000w grow lights, spread across two zones, all through standard RJ11 telephone cable.

[caption id="attachment_3485" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Revolution DEva 1000w Grow Light Dim & boost options for the Revolution DEva 1000w Grow Light[/caption]

Be assured that you are using quality products with Revolution, as all are built at an ISO-certified manufacturing facility, with the DEva made using high-grade components such as avionic-grade capacitors (rated for 36 years continuous operation!) and a reflector made from 97% reflective German aluminium. The high output Ushio DE HPS lamp is driven by a low-frequency square wave, meaning there’s virtually no electromagnetic interference or acoustic resonance issues.

It really is a great piece of kit to try out and don't forget, you can also pop along to our Manchester store where we have one on display.

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