30% Off All Ducting

As we all know, one of the key areas to successfully growing indoors is getting your ventilation correct, air should be extracted, depending on requirements, a minimum of 12 times an hour, and for larger, multi light set ups, adequate intake of fresh, CO2 rich, air must also be draw into the environment in order for your plants to flourish.

Growers often look at how their intake/extraction fans are working, but attention should also be given to the condition of the ducting as over time it may develop rips, tears along with a build up of dust, dirt and grime, meaning that not all the air you thought was either being extracted or brought into the grow environment actually is.

So if your ducting is looking a little old and worse for wear, now might be the time to replace it as during the months of November, at Holland Hydroponics we’re offering a staggering 30%, that’s right 30% off ALL ducting, that includes Aluminium, Acoustic and Combi.