BAY6 Dual Room Grow Tent

The new Dual Room Grow Tent is a great addition to the expanding BAY6 family of affordable hydroponic equipment.

The principle of the BAY6 Dual Room Grow Tent is a simple one, with two rooms it allows indoor growers to veg or keep a mother plant alive in the Main Room, while the smaller Propagation Room is ideal for, yes you guessed it, propagation.

The overall size is 120cm (W) x 120cm (L) x 200cm (H) so both rooms only take up the space equivalent to a 120cm grow tent, perfect for those with limited room, but require 2 separate grow environments.


Measuring 40cm in height, the Propagation Room sits above the Main Room and is the ideal size to hang a Hydro T5 Light Canopy or an LED strip light, such as the 26w Secret Jardin TLED.

The area will fit up to 6 x SBS 77 1/2" Rockwool Starter Cubes sitting in 6 x RootIt Propagators, that's a staggering 462 cuttings, These sit on the shelf, the heat from the lighting in the Main Room below rises into the Propagation Room to help create the optimum environment for rooting out clones or germinating seeds, without the need for additional heat mats or heated propagators.

[caption id="attachment_1573" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Propagation area of the BAY6 Dual Room Grow Tent Propagation room with 3 x SBS77 starter cubes in RootIt propagators under 2 x Hydro T5 canopies[/caption]

The Propagation Room also features a handy Drip Canvas to keep any excess water or spills away from the main room, along with 3 Ventilation Socks for any required intake/extraction and power cables.


The Main Room is 160cm in height and can be used in the following ways…

The first, and it's where the idea for the Dual Room Grow Tent came from, is to use the Main Room to keep a mother plant alive, then as/when cuttings are taken, they can then be placed into the Propagation Room above. No need for 2 separate rooms as with this set up, it can all be done effectively under the same roof!

The second would be to use the Main Room as a vegetative room, once clones have been rooted out in the Propagation Room, they can then be potted up and moved below, where they can stay until harvest.

[caption id="attachment_1586" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Main Room of the BAY6 Dual Room Grow Tent Main room with an 8 pot Wilma hydroponic system under 2 x 300w CFL & reflector kits[/caption]

The third use, and one that’s possibly not as obvious, once the young clones have rooted out, the shelving can be removed, the drip canvas can then be fitted to the base of the Main Room and the whole area can be used as a 120cm x 120cm x 200cm Grow Tent. A brilliant idea for those that are limited with space, don't keep mother plants, don't need to veg and root out clones at the same time, but do need a separate, smaller room, or environment, for propagation.

The Main Room also features 4 Ventilation Socks for intake/extraction and power cables, plus a handy Ventilation Window. There’s also plenty of head room and hanging bars for lighting, whether using a powerful HPS/MH grow light and reflector or a CFL light kit for mother plants and vegging. We wouldn't however recommend using heavier lights, such as an LED or an Air-Cooled reflector.

The interior of the Dual Room Grow Tent is highly reflective Mylar, the outer shell and drip tray are made from durable canvas, while the 16mm poles are strong and robust with toughened polypropylene corners. And don’t get too worried about putting the entire tent together as it can be completed by just one person, within a matter of minutes and no additional tools are required, what could be simpler?

The Dual Room Grow Tent is certainly a welcomed addition to the BAY6 catalogue and a product we’re certain will become very popular.

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