Ikon International

Representatives from Ikon International have a spot in the large marquee at our 20th Birthday Celebration. They have exclusive distribution on Advanced Nutrients, Growing Edge Technologies (G.E.T.) and Hacienda Electronic Ballasts.

At the celebration they will be showcasing products such as Kind LED’s, Coco Guru, Root Pouches, Shogun Fertilisers and the brand new Proactive Nutrients. This is also your chance to ask them any niggling questions about a specific product or process!

In addition to this, Ikon International have generously donated a Kind LED K5 XL 1000 light (worth £1199.95!) as one of the big prizes on the day. This light is perfect for both vegetative growth and flowering: it will imitate a natural sunrise and sunset so your plants will always have the perfect conditions available. Well worth checking out!

Our 20th Birthday celebration will take place at the Manchester store on Saturday 14th May from 11am to 4pm, and you’re all invited to join the party!