Our Holland’s HydroFest was a success again this year! It was a day that brought all your favourite suppliers together and showcased the very latest tech and hydroponic brands. Big thanks for the guys at Highlight Horticulture/ Veg+Bloom and Autopot for sponsoring the event.

These are the suppliers and brands who attended where:

Sponsored by Autopot & Highlight Horticulture

Hydrogarden, Buddhas Tree, Dutch Pro, Ikon International & Proactive Nutrients, Nutriculture & Plant Magic, Maxigrow, Shogun (Aqualabs), Global Air Supplies, C-Result, BioBizz, Growth Technology, Easy Grow, Canna, Moonshine, Cropmaster LTD, The growers Wholesale, Ecothrive, Alien Hydroponic Systems, The Growers Guide Rich Hamilton, Wilmas lawn & Garden, Breathe Organics, Pro XL and Sacred Oil.

Not only was their plenty of FREE samples given away, but we also had loads of fantastic prizes to be won as well as discounts from some of the biggest brands in the industry ranging from 10-20% and include products such as LED lighting, extraction, carbon filters, nutrients and supplements.

The food again this year was supplied by OhMyGlaze that went down an absolute storm. VEG+BLOOM provided a free bar along with music provided by Mills Nutrients.

We had entertainment in the form of arcade machines (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2, WWF and Super Mario)

👇🏻 Big thanks to everyone that came down and seen us, here are some pictures from the day 👇🏻