There are so many different areas that you need to take care of in your grow room to get that optimal environment. Air exchange is one of the most important things you need in your grow room to get that optimal environment and suitable grow room fans are important. Well Kaizen fans and filters are here to help.

You need quality equipment that will do this, whilst also being cost-effective, strong and durable enough to last in a grow room environment. The Kaizen range is exactly that, and here's why.

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Why choose Kaizen?

All Kaizen products have been designed and built with high quality materials, whilst still being affordable for the everyday budget. The great results and quality performance makes the Kaizen brand a great choice for your indoor grow room.

The Kaizen brand includes in-line extraction fans, in-line duct fans and carbon filters. These are available in various sizes to ensure a good fit for a range of different grow rooms. These can be bought separately or as part of a fan and filter extraction kit.

Pros to Using Kaizen Fans

  • Strong construction with a tough lasting exterior
  • A powerful magnetic motor, giving a reliable and cost effective extraction
  • Can be used as extraction in smaller grow rooms, or as intake for larger rooms
  • Simple plug and play set-up with pre-wired fans
  • Compatible with most speed controllers on the market

Pros to Using Kaizen Carbon Filters

  • Virgin mined RC-412 carbon gives 90% purity
  • The lightweight aluminium body is easy to slot into your grow room
  • Superior compaction qualities and an ash content of between 7-13% gives excellent odour absorption

If you haven't tried Kaizen yet, then why not? If you want to get more information, please pop into any of the Holland Hydroponics stores where the team will talk you through the brand and products. For up to date news and information - including all the latest offers and competitions - you can sign up to our newsletter here.

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