Why Your Grow Room Needs Fans All Year Round

Why Your Grow Room Needs Fans All Year Round | Extraction Fan Display

Your grow room needs fans all year round, no matter what the temperatures are like outside - they are always beneficial. They help with a variety of different problems that might otherwise arise, and don't just work to cool a room down. Ways they can help include:

  • To Circulate the Air In Your Grow Room
  • To Remove Excess Heat & Hot Spots
  • To Control Humidity
  • To Prevent Pests and Diseases
  • To Control CO2

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To Circulate the Air In Your Grow Room

Outside, plants are going to encounter wind at some point. However, the wind never blows in the same direction for very long, and so you want to avoid having a static fan blowing. Oscillating fans and others that have movement are ideal for creating a more natural air circulation. You can place two fans in opposite corners to create a circulating vacuum of air.

To Remove Excess Heat & Hot Spots

Your grow room can easily get too warm depending on the conditions outside and within the area you are growing. Grow lights emit heat, and whilst it may not feel like much to you, a slight increase in temperature can really affect your plants.

Some grow lights emit more heat than others but even with lights known to run cooler such as air-cooled lighting and LEDs it is still wise to have fans blowing. They will help to keep the general temperatures lower and help with air exchange.

To Control Humidity

Another factor that can create problems in a grow room is humidity. Plants release water vapour throughout the day and this increases the humidity. If this level isn’t controlled, the growing conditions will decline.

A good ventilation system will help to wick away some of the water released during transpiration. This allows your plants to absorb more water and pull up nutrients through their root systems, which in effect helps with boosting growth.

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To Prevent Pests and Diseases

Good air circulation will help to prevent pests and diseases taking hold. Stagnant and humid conditions are preferred for mould, powdery mildew, spider mites and fungus gnats. And we don’t want any of those to get in!
A steady breeze thanks to a few fans also makes it harder for the pests to establish themselves on the plants.

To Control CO2

Plants need outside air for one very basic reason: CO2. This is absorbed naturally throughout the day as part of a plant's nutrient cycle. With a sealed grow tent set-up, the level of CO2 will gradually decrease, and this will limit growth.

Ventilation brings in fresh air and fresh CO2 from outside whilst removing the old air from your grow room.

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