It's almost time for our 20th Birthday Bash, and we're getting excited! You'll be able to speak to representatives from huge brands such as Nutriculture, Canna, Ikon International, Highlight Horticulture, Budmaster, Future Harvest Developments, Easy Grow, AutoPotHydroGarden and Hydro Industry Direct. It will give you the chance to get a closer look at specific products, and find out information directly from the brand or suppliers themselves.

What's more, there will be various opportunities throughout the day to play Spin The Wheel and win brilliant prizes, just listen out for the bell!

Our list of prizes just keeps on growing, so here's a recap of everything we have to offer so far:

+ 1x KIND LED K5 XL 1000 Grow Light
+ 1x IWS 6 Pot Pro
+ 1x Rhino Carbon Filter
+ 1x AutoPot 4 Pot System
+ 1x Green Power Light Contactor
+ 1x Irradiator Air Cooled 6” Reflector
+ 1x Goldstar Air Cooled 6" Reflector
+ 4x 1m x 1m x 2m Grow Tents
+ 1x Q Max 8” Fan
+ 1x Hortigear 600w Complete HPS Light Kit
+ 1x Canna Bean Bag
+ 4x Sets of Sure Air Gels
+ 1x Growboss Trimeter
+ 1x Atami Hoodie, Clock & T-Shirt
+ 1x Alien Easy Feed system
+ Canna - 125ml Boost Accelorator
+ DutchPro - 250ml bottles of Explode, Keep It Clean, Multi Total & Take Root
+ Plantlife - 4L Bottles of Micro, Grow & Bloom
+ Plantlife - 500ml bottles of Bud Boom, Bud Start, Fulvic Acid, Superb Kelp & Ton O Bud
+ Nutradip Grow Boss
+ Method Seven LED Glasses
+ Bundle of Plantlife Products
+ Bundle of Ona Mist Products
+ Bundle of Plant Vitality
+ Bundle of Shield Plant Protection Products
+ Canna iPhone Cases
+ Samsung Phone Cases
+ Various T-Shirts, Lighters & Pens

As you can see, there are a wide range of prizes to be won, and you can be in with a chance just by getting involved in our celebration on Saturday 14th May. Find us at Holland Hydroponics Manchester from 11am-4pm.