We’ve now hit the first week of flowering, and our Butch T Chilli plant is looking healthy and strong! Flowers have blossomed, and soon enough we’ll be able to see our first chillies coming through.

She’s been growing in the IWS OxyPot and under the Maxibright Daylight 315w CDM light, with no changes yet. Remo Nutrients are still the choice of feed, and they are going down very well! Of course, now we're in the flowering phase, Remo grow has been replaced by bloom, and we have also started to use Nature's Candy and Astroflower - following the Remo Nutrients feed chart.

One other change to the feeding schedule, as we move forward into the flowering phase, is the addition of mycorrhizae from Orca Liquid as the roots were starting to get a little discoloured. We think that could be from the VeloKelp being used – have you experienced the same? Let us know!

[caption id="attachment_3794" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Look at those roots![/caption]

Despite that, the roots are growing steadily and look brilliant. Overall, plant growth for the Butch T Chilli plant is definitely heading in the right direction - the stems are looking strong despite not adding any silicon, and the leaves are lovely and green. We've got plenty of little white flowers appearing on the plant and are looking forward to watching as the chillies start to form over the next few weeks.

If you want to see the plant for yourself, just pop into the Burnley store and our team would be happy to show you the set-up. You can ask any questions you might have, or maybe even give us a little advice if you're an experienced chilli grower! Keep an eye out for our next update and maybe we’ll have the beginnings of a few fruits to show you. Have you ever tried a Butch T Chilli?

[caption id="attachment_3792" align="aligncenter" width="600"] White flowers have started to appear[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3793" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Lush green leaves, and plenty of them![/caption] [product sku="IWS-OxyPot"]
[product sku="Maxibright-Daylight-315w"]
[product sku="Remo-VeloKelp"]
[product sku="Remo-Natures-Candy"]
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