Black Friday 2017

Are you ready for some Black Friday Deals? We sure are here at Holland Hydroponics! Yes we might have borrowed the Black Friday sale extravaganza from the US, but these deals are all our own and they are not to be missed.

You’ll find offers on a variety of our best-selling products both in store and online, including LED lighting, tents, extraction and more! These deals will be available for just one day only on Friday 24th November. See them all on our Black Friday Deals page.

Black Friday Brands

LED Lighting - Save up to £210!

  • Budmaster II HPS Range
  • Budmaster II GOD Range
  • Hacienda LED Range
  • Spectrum King SK6 600w
  • Spectrum King 300 LED
  • Spectrum King 400+ LED
  • Secret Jardin TLED 26w - Growing (Blue)

Gavita - Up to £80 off!

  • Gavita Pro E-Series: 1000w DE, 6/750w DE & 600w SE
  • Gavita Pro Classic 600w SE
  • Gavita Master Controller: EL1 & EL2
  • Mammoth Gavita G1 Grow Tents

Dimlux & Opticlimate - A massive saving of up to £483!

  • Dimlux: 600w EL UHF & 1000w EL UHF
  • Dimlux Expert Series CDM 630w
  • Dimlux Maxi Controller
  • OptiClimate 3500 Pro 3 (In store or subject to £45 delivery charge)

Revolution DEva - Save up to £82!

  • Revolution DEva 1000w DE
  • Revolution DEva Controller

Rush RDWC Systems - Up to £141 off!

  • 4 Pot 40L
  • 6 Pot 40L
  • 2 Lane 8 Pot 40L
  • 4 Pot 60L
  • 6 Pot 60L

Ventilation & Environment - Save up to £202!

  • Kahn Atom A/C Unit (In store or subject to £45 delivery charge)
  • Kaizen Fan & Filter Extraction Kits
  • GHC ProGrow AC/EC Fan Controller

Revolution Fans - Free GAS Digital EC Controller with any size fan!

  • SystemAir Revolution Vector EC Fan
  • SystemAir Silent Revolution Vector EC Fan

Tents/Bundles - Up to £95 off tents!

  • Silverback Roof Grow Tents
  • Silverback Heavy Duty Grow Tents
  • Grocell Pyramid 150 Propagation Grow Tent
  • Grocell Pyramid 150 Propagation Bundle
  • BAY6 Dual Room Grow Tent

Other - Big savings of up to 50% off!

  • Kaizen pH Meter
  • Adjust-A-Wings Hellion 750w DE
  • Maxibright Horizon Daylight 315w Blue
  • Maxibright Horizon Daylight 315w Red
  • Lumen8 600w Metal Halide Lamp

Don't forget, you can grab all these offers both online and in any of our four stores - Manchester, Burnley, Huddersfield and Flint - today. Stores will be open the usual times, between 10am-5:30pm, and our team will be on hand to help. If you can't get to a store, you can order online all day, right up to 11:59pm tonight.

You can find all of these products collectively in our Black Friday category.