Adding to our list of brands available on the day, AutoPot will be at our 20th celebration displaying their 1 Pot, XL and EasyToGrow systems plus Flexitanks, Coco Mats and PotSocksAutoPot is an international market leader in irrigation and hydroponic systems. If you’re conscious about environmental and water conservation issues, this self-watering system may be for you, and AutoPot can answer all your questions about their durable and environmentally friendly watering solutions!

One of the prizes you can win on the day will include a 4 Pot AutoPot System. These systems are easy to work and do not need power, pumps, mains water pressure or timers to operate - just gravity! You can fill a tank with water and nutrients and the rest will be done for you. They really are that simple, and suitable for both the hobbyist and the commercial growers! Even better, they’re easily extendable and can be used for a variety of different plants.

Be part of the celebrations this Saturday, 14th May at Holland Hydroponics Manchester! With competitions, games and refreshments available on the day, there’s plenty to get involved in. Find us at 17 Rondin Road, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 6BF.