7 Tips To Keep Grow Rooms Safe

It's good practice to keep your grow room clean and tidy and by following our 7 simple steps, it’ll not only keep your grow room clean, but also safe by reducing the chance of equipment failing, or worse case scenario, becoming a hazard and potentially causing a fire.

1. Keep all loose wires out of the way

Tripping and falling is one of the easiest ways to either get injured or knock something over. If that happens, you may end up with water spilling everywhere, possibly ruining electrics, grow equipment or even damaging your plants.

Grow tents or rooms are generally small areas as it is, so you want to make sure they are easy to navigate without a load of wires or things hanging down. You can use duct tape, cable ties, conduit or trunking to keep the wires tidy either on the floor or fixed to your walls.

Electrical Trunking

2. Check equipment for faults/leaks/damage regularly

All equipment will wear down over time, it’s one of the downsides to using this type of technology when growing indoors compared to good old soil in an outdoor garden. That said, regular maintenance will ensure that your system is all running as it should be, and can make it last for years.

Through this checking, you’ll be able to spot any problems early on, before it gets too late and causes big damage. You’ll thank yourself later!

3. Use the correct equipment

Hanging your lights up with a bit of string you just found? Rope Ratchets or hanging hooks & chain is the safer option, and swiftly decreases the chance of your lights falling down, breaking and possibly even hitting/hurting someone in the process.

It's also wise to regularly check all your accessories such as rope ratchets, hanging hooks and chains to make sure they are still working as they should be. Rope can eventually wear down, and likewise with hanging hooks you want to make sure that they are still screwed in properly as use will make them looser over time. Lights or reflectors falling down and breaking is not something we want to happen!

Hydroponics equipment is specialist. Heavy Duty Timers & Light Contactors are a must to keep all your lights, extraction and other high powered kit running smoothly and safely. Domestic timers that you can buy at a regular shop cannot withstand the high electrical load that is needed – they may jam, short circuit or at worst become a fire hazard.

With this knowledge, however, do beware of overloading your contactors. Each brand will have a guide of what you can plug into it at any one time. For example, the Timer Box Lighting Contactor can hold eight 600w lights at once, but only four 1000w lights – even though it has eight plug sockets.

Familiarise yourself with basic wiring. Something to note is that unlike the Kaizen Extraction Fans, the popular RVK Extraction Fans DO NOT come wired, so you will have to do it yourselves to get the mains plug attached. You’ll need to get a length of electrical cable 2 core for 4"/5” and 3 core for 6”+ fans, along with a 13 amp 3 pin plug. We can't however stress enough, if you're not confident with wiring a fan, please seek advice from a qualified electrician.

Extraction Fan Wiring

4. Keep electrics and water separate

As I’m sure we all know, water and electricity together can be very dangerous. It's recommended to try to install all electrical equipment above waist height whilst keeping the water equipment below waist height just to keep them separate. Humidity is also something that can be a danger to exposed wires and electrics, so is something to watch out for.

Besides the presence of electricity, water can also be a hazard simply because of slipping in spilled water and because it is the perfect breeding ground for moulds and bacteria.

5. Fireproof your room

With so much electrical equipment, fires are a major hazard to watch out for. You’re not only putting yourself and your building at risk, but also those surrounding you too.

All the above points in this list will help to reduce the risk of fire, but having a fire extinguisher in or close to your grow room is also a good idea. You can buy regular extinguishers to keep close by, but we’re loving the Mabo Fire Extinguisher. A fully automatic system that gets installed into your grow room and will put out any fires if it detects high temperatures. Yep, you don’t even have to be there to make it work!

Mabo Fire Extinguisher

6. Use UV glasses to protect your eyes

Glasses might not seem too important, but have you really thought about just how powerful your lights are? Not only that, but you’ll be using various liquids and chemicals in your nutrients, and wearing a pair of grow room glasses help to protect your eyes from any possible splashes.

Of course, you can always use your normal sunglasses that you wear when the sun eventually makes an appearance. However, these won't allow you to see a true representation of the plants under HID lights, which could be a problem when trying to diagnose any issues or deficiencies. Dedicated grow room glasses not only stop glare from the powerful lights, they also allow growers to inspect their plants as if under natural light without the need to turn lights off.

7. Keep your grow room clean

And last but not least, it may seem obvious, but a clean grow room is always a safer grow room. As mentioned above, ensure power cables and anything else that can be a trip hazard, are tidied away and any dead leaves, or liquid spillages are cleaned up as these can become a slip hazard. Also before every new grow, rooms should be thoroughly cleaned. Using a product like Silver Bullet Mist will sanitise all equipment/grow rooms and uses no harmful or toxic ingredients.

So there you have it, a quick overview on how to keep your grow room clean, tidy and safe. If in doubt, just use your common sense. If it seems like a hazard, it probably is!


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