12 Deals For Christmas

We’ve all heard of the 12 Days of Christmas, at Holland Hydroponics we’ve got more than a partridge in a pear tree to offer you! For the next 12 Days, running up to Christmas Eve, we’ve got some superb offers on different hydroponic products that will be available in-store and online.

From today, Tuesday 13th December, we’ll be opening our advent calendar and giving you a brilliant new offer, that will be available for just One Day Only! To keep informed on what these offers will be over the next 12 days, either bookmark this blog post which will be updated each day, or sign up to our Mailing List where you’ll be informed of the offer via email just past the stroke of midnight.

DAY #12 - FREE Goodie Bag!

For the final day of our 12 Deals For Christmas, we're giving away not 1, 2 or 3, but 4 essential gifts that will help every indoor grower! Worth £32.60, every customer who spends £100.00 or more, both online or in-store, will receive FOR FREE the following:

- Stackable Drying Rack
- Illuminated Pocket Microscope
- 1.5L Hand Pressure Sprayer
- Hy Catch Sticky Fly Traps

DAY #11 - Great White - 25% Off

Great White is the most advanced mycorrhizal product on the market today, containing 15 different species of mycorrhizal fungi, 19 different species of beneficial bacteria, 2 species of trichoderma, plant vitamins, and glycine all in one. Look for explosive root growth, increased yields, increased fruiting and flowering, increased nutrient and water absorption, and improved transplant success.

[product sku="Great-White"]

DAY #10 - Lighthouse Tube Heater - 20% Off

The Lighthouse Tube Heater makes keeping a consistent environment simple – protecting plants from sudden temperature drops and humidity fluctuations. Available in 80w and 135w, the ECOHEAT gives super low running costs.

[product sku="Lighthouse-Ecoheat-Tube-Heater"]

DAY #9 - Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 - 30% Off

Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 is an all natural, and highly concentrated Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) supplement to be used from week 2 of the bloom cycle right through until flush. It works by breaking down enzymes in the root zone, helping to increase the absorption rate of available nutrients, along with giving the plants a boost of P and K.

[product sku="Buddhas-Tree-PK9-18"]

DAY #8 - Rock Resinator Heavy Yields - 20% Off

Rock Resinator Heavy Yields has been designed to dramatically increase the essential oil production and flower mass by providing the highest quality phosphorus and potassium to flowering sites. It gives your plants the best opportunity to develop, packing on the all-important weight and strength for the harvest.

[product sku="Rock-Resinator-Heavy-Yields"]

DAY #7 - Oxy-Pot Single, XL & 4 Pot - 25% Off

The OxyPot is a straightforward system, using Deep Water Culture (DWC) as it's method. The plant roots are permanently submerged in an oxygen-rich nutrient solution, encouraging rapid and healthy growth. Whether you’ve only grown in a soil or coco medium previously, or you're new to both growing and hydroponics, there hasn't been an easier and inexpensive way to grow in hydroponics.

[product sku="IWS-Oxy-Pot"]

DAY #6 - Plagron Bat Guano & Bat Mix - 20% Off

One of the richest sources of phosphorus for organic gardeners, Plagron Bat Guano is a much-admired fertiliser. It is a superb growth booster, promoting healthy yields and sweet tasting produce.

If you want excellent vegetative and flowering growth, Plagron Batmix is what you need. A blend of the finest and carefully selected peats, bat guano and worm castings along with fibres and perlite, it contains enough fertiliser to feed your plants for around 4-6 weeks!

[product sku="Plagron-Bat-Guano"]
[product sku="WCF5286"]

DAY #5 - Plug In Ozone Generator - 20% Off

The Plug In Ozone Generator will neutralise any odours, bacteria and mould spores that it comes into contact with, instead of just masking them like regular fragranced plug in products. The built in timer allows it to easily switch between on/off on a loop, producing 7mg of Ozone per hour!

[product sku="CPF4721"]

DAY #4 - Aptus Startbooster - 20% Off

Aptus Startbooster stimulates the development of the root system, improves the growth of stems and plant tissue, and develops strong micro life biomass populations. With it helping to strengthen the roots and structures throughout vegetative growth, your plant is sure to get off to a superb start. Available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L bottles.

[product sku="Aptus-Startbooster"]

DAY #3 - Cyco ProKit - 50% Off

The Cyco ProKit is a complete package of the superior products available in the Cyco range. This includes everything required from the very start of your grow (whether its seed or cutting), right through to the vegetative and flowering phases until the harvest of your crop. The ProKit also includes a user-friendly growth/bloom chart for all mediums!

[product sku="CPK1000"]

DAY #2 - Ecothrive Biosys & Charge - 25% Off

Biosys and Charge are two natural growth stimulants for your plants from Ecothrive. Biosys contains a blend of microbes which is diluted in water to make an instant microbe tea with no brewing required. While Charge is made entirely from beetle droppings, that when mixed into soil or coco mediums, introduces beneficial micro organisms for improved plant health, growth and bloom.

[product sku="Ecothrive-Biosys"] [product sku="Ecothrive-Charge"]

DAY #1 - ExHale CO2 Bag - 30% Off

Providing sufficient levels of CO2 is important when growing plants indoors. By using the ExHale CO2 Bag inside your grow room will provide 4-6 plants with additional CO2 for approximately 6 months. The result will be stronger vegetative growth, improved overall health, along with helping to push fruit or flower production above and beyond the plants optimum.

[product sku="EXCO2"]