Micro Jet and Micro Jet Oxy Pumps

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Micro Jet Water Pump 320
Micro Jet Water Pump 450
Micro Jet Oxy Water Pump 320
Micro Jet Oxy Water Pump 450

The Micro Jet water pump is a compact, yet powerful, submersible water pump with an adjustable flow rate. It comes as a standard with many NFT systems, showing its reliability and popularity.

A removable foam filter stops particles from entering the pump, avoiding any build up or blockages and improving the levels of efficiency in terms of flow rate. Mounted suction cups allow you to simply secure the unit in place.

The Micro Jet system is perfect for use in systems such as flood and drain, NFT, run to waste and dripper systems – those that require the movement of nutrients to and from container areas.

The Micro Jet OXY is a identical to the standard Micro Jet models, but features additional air-line tubing. The pump draws in air from the surface, oxygenating your liquid as it flows through the system. This additional oxygen results in a healthier root system and stronger plants.

Benefits include:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Slider controlled adjustable flow rate
  • Low power consumption
  • Fits standard 13mm pipe

Clean the Micro Jet system regularly to remove any build-ups. Remove the filter screen and clean the plastic filter to keep it working smoothly.

Micro Jet 320

  • Flow rate: 320L per hour
  • Lift: 45cm
  • 6 watt power consumption

Micro Jet 450

  • Flow rate: 450L per hour
  • Lift: 70cm
  • 6 watt power consumption
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