Kaizen Shogun MK II Digital 600w Ballast

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Kaizen Shogun MK II Digital 600w Ballast


Another outstanding product developed by Kaizen, the newly improved Shogun MK II 600w dimmable digital ballast gives superb performance and value, making it perfect for growers who want a quality product without breaking the bank. The ballast has a solid and compact build, and comes with a UK plug so you can get it set up right away.

The Shogun MK II gives high efficiency and output, making it a welcome addition to any grow room set up. It offers a virtually silent operation – meaning no annoying buzzing - and a sleek design giving a cool running temperature. This alongside the low start up surge makes it a complete all round ballast for those just getting started with digital ballasts or wanting an upgrade or replacement.

Digital ballasts use less electricity whilst generating more lumen output, keeping your energy costs down, whilst the soft-start technology will lower your start up current, and in turn prolonging the life of your lamps. What’s more, digital ballasts do not degrade with age. They’ll keep a consistent output for years, only needing replacing if they stop working.

Designed for both HPS and MH lamps, the Shogun MK II 600w dimmable digital ballast is adjustable and capable of running at 250w, 400w, 600w and Super Lumen that boosts the output by 10% to 660w. This means it can be placed into a variety of set-ups with the lighting modified to suit your plants needs as they grow. The Super Lumen setting allows you to boost the grow lamp above its normal output, giving your plants that little bit extra when needed.


  • Suitable for 600w HPS and MH grow lamps
  • 250w, 400w, 600w and Super Lumen (660w) power settings
  • Silent running and cool operating temperature
  • Low current and soft start technology
  • 3 year warranty

If you also need a reflector and grow lamp, check out our Kaizen Shogun MKII Digital Light Kit for just £89.95.


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