Kaizen In-line Extraction Fan

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Kaizen Extraction Fan 4"/100mm
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Kaizen Extraction Fan 12"/315mm

At Holland Hydroponics, we can’t stress just how important air exchange in your grow room is, your plants need a regular and constant supply of fresh CO2 while extracting the old, stale air in order for your plants to thrive.

This is why we recommend the new Kaizen in-line extraction fan, we believe its one of best value duct fans currently available on the market today. Consisting of a strong steel carcass construction, the powerful magnetic motor offers reliable and cost effective extraction with excellent airflow, even under pressure, while the smooth flange allows easy fitting of the ducting which is secured using a jubilee clip or similar.

Unlike other in-line duct fans, the Kaizen fan comes already wired and with a UK mains plug, 1 years warranty and is available from 100mm/4” through to 315mm/12”.

To help you choose the perfect size for your grow space, the Kaizen extraction fans have the following air exchange rates:

  • 100mm/4” – 320m3/hr
  • 125mm/5” – 400m3/hr
  • 150mm/6” – 550m3/hr
  • 200mm/8” – 1220m3/hr
  • 250mm/10” – 1550m3/hr
  • 315mm/12” – 1940m3/hr

Please note: The 5" & 6" fans will be replaced with a Red Scorpion fan to the same specification for a limited time. These fans are red instead of black.

To complete your grow room extraction, along with the fan, you’ll also need a good quality carbon filter, a sufficient length of ducting, jubilee clips to fit the ducting and rope ratchets or chain to hang your fan and filter set up.

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