Hy-Pro Rootstimulator

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Hy-Pro Rootstimulator is produced with organic raw materials, and encourages the roots to form a solid foundation for the plant and keeps them healthy.

Plants depend on their roots for their food supply and without them they wouldn’t be able to consume any nutrition. The better health the roots are in, the better they can do their job and the better the plant will grow.

Rootstimulator helps the plant to take up more nutrients throughout the vegetative stage, and can be carried on into the flowering stage too. It contains 1.2% water soluble potassium, important to help with root growth and creating a stronger plant right from the beginning.

NPK ratio:

  • N: 0.0%
  • P: 0.0%
  • K: 1.2%


  • Mix 2.5ml - 5ml per litre of water.
  • Shake solution before use and repeat once to twice per week if required and can be used in conjunction with your base nutrient feeding schedule.
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