Guard'N'Aid for Spider Mite - 250ml

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Guard'N'Aid for Spider Mite - 250ml


Guard'N'Aid for Spider Mite is an effective contact insecticide to use against spider mites on all plants. It acts quickly against eggs, larval stages and adult mites, helping to rid of them efficiently!

This formula is Pyrethrum based and can be used both indoors and outdoors on all edible and non-edible crops, and including hard surfaces. Pyrethrum is an oil based natural insecticide. It is made from the dried flowers or Chrysanthemum and targets the nervous system and respiratory organs of insects. It is one of the safest insecticides to use around foods.


Mix the Guard'N'Aid for Spider Mite concentrate in a suitable sprayer and shake well until thoroughly mixed. This much be used within 6 hours. A 250ml bottle will dilute to make 16 x 750ml spray bottles worth.

Spray onto plants ensuring that all surfaces are covered, including the underside of leaves. Make sure to get good spray coverage on the sites where the majority of spider mites can be seen. It is recommended to be used during the dark cycle of your grow as it works better.

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