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Grotek Final Flush is a flushing agent developed to be used during the final 7-10 days before harvest that helps rid the plants and growth medium of unused nutrients and salts which have built up for the plants life, it’s also suitable for use in all grow mediums, whether soil, coco or hydroponic systems.

These excess nutrients and salts can cause crops to leave a bitter aftertaste if the plants haven’t been efficiently flushed, but using Grotek Final Flush will rid your plants of these unwanted elements leaving your fruits not only lush, but also full of amazing flavours.


  • Grotek Final Flush can also be used to help correct any over feeding at any stage of the grow, simply stop using your base nutrients along with any supplements, use Grotek Final Flush, then once the your plants are stable, go back to your normal feeding regime and carry on as usual.
  • Flushing should also be repeated during the final 7-10 days, even if you’ve used it mid grow, your fruits at harvest will thank you for it.
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