Gavita HortiStar Reflector 750w/1000w

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Gavita HortiStar Reflector 750w/1000w


The Gavita HortiStar 1000 HR 96 DE reflector has been specially designed for double ended 750W and 1000W lamps.

High quality of materials and the precise manufacturing of this reflector give it a 96% reflector efficiency – that’s 96% of all light emitted from the lamp reaching your crop – as well as strong light uniformity. The design gives you the ideal lighting positioning, guaranteeing optimal light reflection with a 138° beam angle.

The HortiStar reflector is simple to install, it comes with eyebolts and doesn't need other tools, and has a durable construction. This means you can easily replace a reflector should you need to. There is also an inlay reflector available. The lamp cord terminal is shielded by a metal housing to make it safer.

All reflectors will naturally degrade over time, so it is recommended to change them yearly. Swap out your old reflector for the Gavita HortiStar and ensure your grow room lighting is running as efficiently as possible to gain maximum yields.


  • 96% Reflector efficiency
  • Replaceable reflector
  • Easy installation
  • 138° Beam angle
  • For use with 750w/1000w double ended fixtures/lamps
  • Most suitable for overlapping plans
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