Gavita ECM1 - External Contactor Modules

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Gavita ECM1 - External Contactor Modules


The Gavita ECM1 is an external contactor module, designed as an add-on product to the Gavita EL2 Master Controller. When connected, the ECM1 can be used to switch auxiliary equipment during lights on and lights off periods, based on the output of the controller.

The ECM1 units can switch a load up to 15 amps of accessories during either lights on or off period, for example your humidifier, heating, CO2 equipment and watering systems.

The ECM's are governed by the controller’s shut-off safety features as well as being driven by a low voltage signal, meaning you can keep them close to the accessories themselves so installation is simple.


  • Plug & play fixture, max 2
  • One for lights on / one for lights off
  • Follows main channel with LED indication
  • Switches off at temp shutdown or mains loss
  • Uses low voltage for connection to controller
  • Rated 15A AC1 (unless lower local outlet power)
  • CE certified

Examples of auxiliary equipment include:

Lights on:

  • Watering system
  • CO2 systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Extra fans / circulation fans

Lights off:

  • Heating / floor heating
  • Dehumidifier
  • Warning lights (night phase)
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