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Ecothrive Coco Lite Mix with Charge - 50L

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The Ecothrive Coco Lite Mix contains the perfect ratio of 70% coco coir and 30% perlite to ensure optimal aeration. The coco coir is RHP certified and buffered coming pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge, which gives a great biological boost.

Ecothrive Charge contains 100% premium organic insect frass, and also gives a biological boost with beneficial bacteria. Most coco coir mixes contain no nutrients and have low levels of beneficial biological activity, and Charge helps with this.

As coco coir has a high water holding capacity, it can be difficult to work with in certain systems. With the mixture of perlite, the water holding capacity reduces and more oxygen can get in. This creates a lighter mix with better drainage.

You will see improved root growth, better growth rates and improved plant establishment. Ecothrive Lite Mix is ideal for propagation, drip irrigation systems, Autopot systems and hand watering applications.

The addition of perlite makes the mixture harder to over-water, which in effect helps with better roots and more vigorous growth.

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