Digital Thermo-Hygrometer With Probe

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Thermo-Hygrometer With Probe
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Measuring the temperature and humidity levels within your grow room is of up most importance as a perfect environment will allow plants to thrive.

This digital Thermo-Hygrometer will accurately measure the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, along with humidity levels in RH (%). There’s also a min/max reading function that allows you to check what the highest and lowest readings were throughout a given period of time.

The unit also comes with a probe which will simultaneously take an additional reading, which means temperature and humidity can be taken from the canopy level and root level of your plants as these can differ vastly depending on the environment.

  • Digital thermometer in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Integrated hygrometer that reads humidity levels
  • Max & min memory function
  • Probe allows 2 simultaneous readings
  • Includes 2 x AAA batteries
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