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CFL 125w Blue Reflector Kit
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CFL 300w Blue Reflector Kit
CFL 125w Red Reflector Kit
CFL 200w Red Reflector Kit
CFL 300w Red Reflector Kit
CFL 300w Dual Spectrum Reflector Kit


Introducing the dedicated CFL reflector kit, an ideal set up for small spaces, propagation and the vegetative stage of your plants, which includes the following items:

  • 1 x Highly polished dedicated CFL reflector with 3m cable & UK mains plug
  • 1 x Red, Blue or Dual Spectrum CFL in 125w through to 300w
  • 1 x Pair of adjustable Rope Ratchet’s to suspend the reflector

Quite often HID reflectors are ‘modified’ to fit a CFL, but with the additional weight compared to a HPS, this isn’t always ideal as the CFL can sit at an angle, put unnecessary stress on the reflector and potentially become a safety hazard.

This dedicated CFL (Compact Fluorescents Lamp) reflector overcomes all these problems, made from highly polished steel, it offers not only superb reflection, it also has additional strength to support the extra weight of a CFL grow lamp. The reflector measures 46cm (W) x 50cm (L), its also fitted with an E40 lamp holder, 2 hanging lugs to suspend it from the ceiling and a power cable with a UK mains plug, as no separate ballast is required when running a CFL grow lamp.

The kit also includes that all important CFL grow lamp, available in both Blue, Red & Dual spectrums from 125 watt through to 300 watt, a grow lamp that is often the main choice for propagation and vegetative stages of the plants life cycle due to cheaper running costs and lower heat output, meaning they can be placed closer to the plants canopy, without the risk of burning.

And the final item in this kit is 1 pair of rope ratchets to suspend the reflector in your grow space, they are also adjustable, meaning you can position the lamp at the optimum height/distance from your plants to encourage healthy growth and reduce stretch.


  • Perfect for small spaces, propagation and the vegetative stage
  • Strengthened reflector to support the additional weight of a CFL
  • Available in Blue, Red and Dual spectrums from 125w to 300w
  • Cable with UK moulded plug, no ballast required
  • Save money with a complete kit instead of purchasing the items separately

If you’re in the market for a CFL light kit, don’t be tempted to cut corners and modify a cheaper HID reflector, get one that’s been specifically designed for this purpose, it’s not only cost effective in the long run, but more importantly, its also the safer option.

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