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Canna pH Down Organic - 1L
Canna pH Down Bloom - 1L
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Canna Bloom pH Down 1 Litre (59% Phosphoric acid) is a mineral regulator for regulating the ph value of liquids. It contains phosphoric acid, which reduces the pH value of the nutrient solutions in flowering plants. This enables the plants to absorb all nutrients, which are much needed during this period.

The acid content in liquids is a significant component for the development of your plants. If it is too acidic or alkaline the plant can not absorb certain nutrients. It is therefore important to keep a close eye on the pH value and to recognise your plant's requirements.


Add a small amount of roughly 1 to 5 millilitres of Canna pH Down Bloom to your fertiliser solution. Test the pH value. If required, repeat the procedure until you attain the desired acidity level. Canna recommends a pH value of roughly 6.2 for the flowering period.


Canna Organic pH Down 1 Litre (50% Citric Acid) is used for reducing the pH of your nutrient solution. Citric Acid is a completely natural acid and works really well for organic growing. Beneficial bacteria and moulds thrive when using Citric Acid as your pH adjustment fluid. Highly recommended for the all-natural grow.

  • reduces the pH of your nutrient solution
  • Highly Concentrated – 50% Citric Acid
  • All-natural and allows beneficial microbes to thrive
  • Ideal for the vegetative and flowering stages
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